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The HIV Care Cascade Among Female Sex Workers in Zimbabwe: Results of a Population-Based Survey From the Sisters Antiretroviral Therapy Programme for Prevention of HIV, an Integrated Response (SAPPH-IRe) Trial
This paper presents results from the baseline of the SAPPH-IRe trial. This explored the HIV care cascade amongst female sex workers in Zimbabwe. The study found that 36% of HIV positive women were unaware of their status and 29% had unsuppressed viral load. This represent a high level of risk for onward transmission of infection
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Overlapping HIV and sex-work stigma among female sex workers recruited to 14 respondent-driven sampling surveys across Zimbabwe, 2013
This paper on which Professor James Hargreaves - Director of the MeSH Consortium - is lead author uses data from the SAPPH-IRe baseline survey to assess the overlapping stigma due to HIV and due to the nature of their work experienced by female sex workers in Zimbabwe.
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A method to estimate the national prevalence of HIV-infection among females sex workers in Zimbabwe
In this presentation , Dr Liz Fearon a MeSH Consortium member based at LSHTM, presents work on the use of Respondent Driven Sampling, a chain referral sampling method, to estimate the prevalence of HIV among female sex workers in Zimbabwe. This work was presented at the International Society for Sexually Transmitted Disease Research meeting in Brisbane Australia in September 2015World STI HIV
HIV and sex-work related stigma and discrimination: women's experiences from 14 sites across Zimbabwe
This presentation by Professor James Hargreaves , Director of the MeSH consortium explores the high levels of stigma both "internalised" and "experienced" that female sex workers in Zimbabwe are exposed to.
Professor James Hargreaves et al ISSTDR 2015 Brisbane Australia (conference presentation)
The HIV prevention cascade: integrating theories of epidemiological, behavioural, and social science into programme design and monitoring
This paper on which Professor James Hargreaves - Director of the MeSH Consortium - is lead author presents a theoretical framework to understand the HIV prevention cascade. It was developed as part of the Lancet HIV special edition on the HIV prevention cascade .
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