IAS 2016

The International AIDS Society held their biennial international conference in Durban, South Africa in July 2016. MeSH hosted a bridging session, a satellite symposium and represented the consortium at the conference village.


We hosted one of the conferences four prestigious bridging sessions. During this session, entitled “Adopting routine patient-level data to track the HIV epidemic & improve HIV prevention & treatment strategies: a focus on Eastern & Southern Africa & Haiti” (slide decks available here), speakers from a variety of international, governmental, and non-governmental organisations shared their practical experience in implementing HIV case based surveillance in high and low income settings. In addition to our two well-attended sessions, we hosted a series of events at the MeSH booth in the conference village, and presented research outputs in a number of oral and poster presentations.


At the start of the conference we held a satellite symposium entitled “Knowing Your Epidemic and Knowing Your Response: Maximizing routinely collected data to measure and monitor HIV epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa” (slide decks available here). In the session, a panel of global and national public health experts, including MeSH researchers, shared their experiences of successes and challenges in the monitoring of HIV programmes using routine data.


 The MeSH booth in the conference village at the International AIDS society meeting in Durban South Africa July 2016. This was an excellent chance to engage with delegates and share the work of the MeSH Consortium.