HIV-related Mortality

 Aim: Improve estimates of the mortality burden attributable to HIV in the general population

Co-chair: Professor Basia Zaba | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Research areas include the demographic impacts of HIV, the uptake and impact of ART, and Verbal Autopsy methods

Co-chair: Professor Matthias Egger | University of Bern
Field of work includes methodological and substantive issues in clinical epidemiology and public health medicine

Professor Constantin Yiannoutsos | Indiana University
Research focus in the development of biostatistical methods to support Implementation Science in the HIV treatment “cascade”

Dr Paul Mee | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Main research interests relate to the manner in which spatial and socio-demographic determinants of morbidity and mortality influence health outcomes

Dr Olivia Keiser | University of Bern
Conducts HIV and Hepatitis research in sub-Saharan Africa and Switzerland, focusing on analyses of cohort studies and mathematical modelling

Nanina Anderegg | University of Bern
Conducts analyses of data from population-based and clinical cohort studies

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